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I am a high school human anatomy and physiology teacher by trade and I double as a mother of a little girl with Williams Syndrome. When my daughter was diagnosed, I was thankful that I understood how the body worked so I could navigate through the condition and understand what the doctors had to say. This is my way of sharing my knowledge so other parents can have that same power.

Information contained in this site is strictly for education purpose to better understand the conditions associated with Williams Syndrome. You should in no way use this site for diagnosis, treatment or medical guidance. Always seek medical advice from your doctor.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

updated eye section

A fellow WS mom pointed out that elastin may not cause the star burst pattern in the eye, so I dug a little deeper on the subject. Although I couldn't find information on genetically why our little ones have the star burst pattern in their eyes, I did find great information about how the iris is structured differently to cause the pattern... if you've already read the eyes section, check it out one more time.

I also fixed the links to blogs and websites on the right. It seems I had some broken links... enjoy!

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